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Alera - Neratoli High Back Executive Chair

Model: ALE-NR4139-I

List Price:$489.00
Carroll's Price:  $219.00

Instock - ErgoHuman Mid-Back Task Chair

Model: ME8ERGLOblk-I

List Price:$1259.00
Carroll's Price:  $669.00

Instock - ErgoHuman Mid-Back Task Chair

Model: ME8ERGLOsil-I

List Price:$1259.00
Carroll's Price:  $669.00

NDI - High-Back Executive Chair

Model: xsl805

List Price:$299.00
Carroll's Price:  $149.00

Showroom Display - Global Graham Task Chair

Model: ichair13

List Price:$513.00
ON SALE:  $239.00

Showroom - United Savvy High Performance Chair

Model: ichair15

List Price:$793.00
ON SALE:  $329.00

Showroom Display - OTG Executive Chair

Model: ichair16

List Price:$495.00
ON SALE:  $249.00

Showroom - Cherryman Executive Leather Seat

Model: ichair18

ON SALE:  $299.00

Showroom Display - United Ergonomic Office Task Chair

Model: ichair19

List Price:$699.00
ON SALE:  $299.00

Used - ergoCentric 24Centric Task Chair

Model: ichair20

List Price:$1227.00
ON SALE:  $739.00

Boss - Medical Stool with Back Support

Model: ofvsb025

List Price:$155.00
Carroll's Price:  $89.00

In Stock - NDI 7621 CoolMesh Back Task Chair

Model: ndi7621

List Price:$317.00
ON SALE:  $169.00

Showroom - HON Motivate Stack Chairs

Model: ichair21

List Price:$839.00
ALL Four:  $489.00

Showroom - DSA Mid-Back Executive Chair

Model: ichair22

List Price:$259.00
Carroll's Price:  $159.00

Showroom - Paoli Quoin Guest Room Set

Model: ipaoliquoin

List Price:$6734.00
ON SALE:  $1999.00