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Showroom - HON Grove Series 2-Seat with Table

Model: hongrove-i

List Price:$3990.00
Carroll's Price:  $2299.00

Showroom - HPF High-Back Traditional Tufted Swivel

Model: hpf-4277-i

List Price:$1805.00
Carroll's Price:  $899.00

Showroom - Nightingale 7300 Series Executive Chair

Model: 7300-duf-wd-i

List Price:$1955.00
Carroll's Price:  $995.00

Showroom - Global Loover Executive Chair

Model: 2662-8-i

List Price:$695.00
Carroll's Price:  $419.00

Showroom - HON Ignition Executive Chair

Model: hiwm1-i

List Price:$621.00
Carroll's Price:  $379.00

Showroom - HON Ignition Executive Chair

Model: hiwm1-i2

List Price:$669.00
Carroll's Price:  $389.00

Showroom - HON Tide Fabric Task Chair

Model: hqtm-com96-i

List Price:$469.00
Carroll's Price:  $279.00

Showroom - DSA Black Mesh Task chair

Model: kb2022

List Price:$305.00
ON SALE:  $149.00

Showroom - HON Ignition Mid-Back Office Chair

Model: hiwm1-i4

List Price:$727.00
ON SALE:  $419.00

Showroom - Woodstock Creedence Mesh High-Back Chair

Model: creedence-i

List Price:$495.00
ON SALE:  $299.00

Showroom - HON Pillow-Soft Executive Chair

Model: h2091-i

List Price:$525.00
Carroll's Price:  $299.00

Showroom - HON Basyx Executive High-Back Chair

Model: hvl131-i

List Price:$354.00
ON SALE:  $225.00

Showroom - Global Citi Seat Sofa

Model: 7876tu-i

List Price:$1316.00
ON SALE:  $759.00

InStock - NDI 2801 Stack Guest Chairs

Model: ndi2801-i

List Price:$119.00
Carroll's Price:  $69.00

InStock - ErgoCentric Task Chair

Model: ergocentric-i1

Carroll's Price:  $599.00